Establishment of Multi-Disciplinary Research Units (MRUs) in Government Medical colleges /Research Institutions

This scheme has been approved to establish 80 Multidisciplinary Research Units (MRUs) in State Govt. Medical Colleges during 12th plan at a cost of Rs. 503.85 crores to create a dedicated infrastructure for research in Government Medical colleges with special focus on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

  • Encourage and strengthen an environment of research in medical colleges.
  • Bridge the gap in the infrastructure which inhibits health research in the Medical Colleges by assisting them to establish multidisciplinary research facilities with a view to improve the health research and health services
  • To ensure the geographical spread of health research infrastructure, in order to cover un-served and under-served Medical Colleges and other institutions
  • To improve the overall health status of the population by creating evidence-based application of diagnostic procedures/processes/methods.

Rs.5.25 crore per MRU towards equipment (Rs.5.00 cr.) & civil works/renovation (Rs.25 lakhs). In addition, recurring expenditure of Rs.34.00 lakhs towards staffing and consumables per year etc.

  • To provide requisite space (minimum 300 sqmtr), free of cost, at the concerned Medical College.
  • Signing of MoA with the Department of Health Research for taking over the liability of running the centres after five years. This would be about Rs.34 lakhs per year per Medical College.
  • Against the total target of covering 80 medical colleges,a total of 62 MRUs have been approved upto March 2015.
  • Since inception of the Scheme in 2013-14, the total funds released to 48 MRUs are amounting to Rs.77.09 crores( 1st installment of Rs. 1.25 crore to 48 MRUs and 2nd installment to 6 MRUs). The list of medical colleges/ institutions sanctioned for establishment of Multi-disciplinary Research Units where funds have been released has been given in Annexure-I.
  • Funds for remaining 14 colleges will be released upon completion of certain codal formalities.The list of medical colleges approved for MRU where funds could not be released due to non-settlement of UCs against other schemes of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is given in Annexure-II.
  • The contact details of the Principals and Nodal Officers of the colleges/ institutes sanctioned under the scheme is given in Annexure-III.